"I have been having problems with my teeth all my life. Then I met Dr. Rassouli and what a difference! He is meticulous and spends the time to do things right. I love my new teeth."

~Craig H., Tigard


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Dental Implants

Q. How successful are dental implants?

A. If you wear dentures or are missing teeth, caramel apples and corn on the cob probably are distant memories. But, modern advances in dental technology let many people eat, laugh and function with confidence again. In fact, at Sylvan Implant and Reconstrictive Dentistry our patients will receive a guarantee on their implants.

The key to our success with dental implants is proper treatment, planning and having all phases of treatment done in our office from start to finish. The procedure includes consultations with the doctors, specialized x-rays for measuring the amount of bone available, study models of your mouth, arrangement of your new teeth is started, and a complete discussion with the patient of the pros and cons of several treatment options.

At any age, the loss of teeth can be devasting emotionally, functionally and cosmetically. Many of the problems patients have faced due to missing teeth are sunken jaw structures that can now be solved through modern dentistry. A consultation to determine how dental implants can improve the quality of your life can be one of the most rewarding dental visits a person can ever make.

Q. I am thinking about getting implants, do you have any patients that I can speak to about their experience?

A. Yes, in fact below is one of the many letters we routinely receive from our implant patients.

"Just a note to let you know how happy I am that I decided on dental implants and how satisfied I am with the results of what you have done."

"First let me thank you and your staff for friendly and efficient way in which I was cared for during the times that I was in your office. I know that mine was not one of your easiest cases. You and your staff made my visits a pleasant experience."

"Since the loss of my own teeth over 35 years ago, the ability to eat, talk and to even smile had deteriorated to a pretty pathetic degree. By the time I made the decision to have implants, biting into an apple was impossible and corn on the cob was a thing of the past. Often when I spoke, the lower denture would move around causing audible clicking and I was so self conscious of my smile, I would cover my mouth with my hand when I laughed."

"What a pleasure it was this summer to pick up a crisp delicious apple and eat it to the core-in front of people!!! My friends are not so sure about what I did because they can't shut me up and just the other day in a meeting at work, the speaker told me I had the greatest smile. To say I'm pleased with my decision is an understatement."

"My thanks for all you did to make the results so perfect. I look forward to many years of pain free and embarrassment free eating, talking, and smiling."

Q. What do most patients want to know about dental implants?

A. Many people wonder whether implants are an alternative for them. Here are some of the most often asked questions:

Are all dental implants the same?
There are many different types of dental implants currently being placed now. Most are approved by the FDA, but very few have the documentation required for approval of the much more demanding American Dental Association.

The implants used at Sylvan Implant & Reconstructive Dentistry are extremely high quality implants, made by Noble Biocare Company here in the United States. They have a high success rate, and a long term documentation an approval of the American Dental Association. In fact, all of our patients receive a guarantee on their implants.

Will I need one implant for each tooth that is missing?
Depending on the area of the mouth, one implant can usually support the load for more than one tooth.

Call today for a consultation and find out how implants can give you the smile you have always wanted. It will be one of the most rewarding decisions you ever made.

Q. What do patients say about their dental implants?

A. Below is one of the many letters that we routinely received from our implant patients.

"This letter is much later than I intended, but I really want to thank you and your staff for the kind care and concern that you had for me during my treatment. I had thought about implants for some time, tried to visit with my dentist and others with no luck, but from the first time in your office I felt completely at ease and knew that the results would be perfect. After forty years of dentures, I had not solid base for the lower set. My smile was nearly hidden, especially the lower lip portion.

I now realize that speaking was often frightening because I wasn't certain that the old plate would stay in place during some words. I now can talk, eat, smile with full confidence. Even coughing is not frightening as it sometimes was before.

I recently went to a conference where most of my friends had not seen me for several months. I received so many compliments on my 'pretty smile' and 'youth'. I certainly am not young, but I truly believe that the difference is only the result of implants and the new dentures.

I finally related to one person what I had done, and she simply was surprised and pleased that I shared with her. I do public speaking and found a lot more confidence in being about to speak words and give information without wondering if I might 'click' or worse.

Thank you again for all your care and concern so that I again can really smile, eat and talk freely."

Q. What are the most often asked questions about dental implants?

A. Many patients have questions regarding dental implants and their use. Here, Dr. Rassouli answers some of the more commonly asked questions by patients:

Are implants safe?
Yes, Implants are not more risky than any other dental surgical procedure. In many respects, they are more predictable. Although a very small perccentage of implants will not "bond" to the bone, they can usually be replaced easily. We often wish that all dental procedures would have the same high success rate as properly placed implants.

In fact, we give our patients a guarantee on their implants.

Are implants painful?
Although this can vary from patient to patient, the discomfort associated with dental implants is comparable to a routine single tooth extraction. In the long run, dental implants relult in less discomfort since they eliminate the gum irritation and the pain associated with conventional dental restorations that rest on the gums.

Call today for a consultation and find out how implants can give you the smile you have always wanted. It will be one of the most rewarding decisions you ever made.

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